about us

Cairn Chorus is a community performance choir based in Moniaive. Founded in 2007 the intention was to encourage the joy of singing as an inclusive community activity and was, at that time, directed by Ali Burns.


Kate Howard

The choir is now 10 years old and our current musical director, Kate Howard, leads us through fantastic international repertoires and constantly presents us with ambitious new challenges. Choir members hail from all corners of Dumfries and Galloway and learn the songs by ear and /or sheet music. We strive to perform without the use of files as we believe that by learning the material we can engage more effectively with the audience and thus give a more lively performance.

We perform 2 series of concerts a year, in Spring and Winter. The Spring concerts are project based, 2017 saw the creation of  the very ambitious and highly successful Cairn Valley Song Cycle performed in collaboration with the Scottish Ensemble at Easterbrook Hall. Highlights of 2016 included a sell out collaboration between Cairn Chorus and Songs of Separation (10 of the UK’s hottest female folk singers and musicians) at The Usual Place and opening of the Devorgilla Main Stage at the Eden Festival. Winter Wassail was a series of performances spanning December 2016 and January 2017.