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Our aim as a community choir is to share our love of music as well as singing for our own pleasure. We perform concerts regularly around Dumfries and Galloway throughout the year and can often be found gathering for an inpromtu song at music sessions and gatherings in the Moniaive area.  Keep an eye on our events to find out about upcoming concerts.



We perform two sets of concerts each year (in December/January and May/June) as well as a selection of additional festivals and local events.

Please contact us by email if you are interested in a performance at your event.

Our music

Thanks to the skillful guidance of Kate Howard, our performances explore songs, language and singing styles from around the globe, spanning anything from Mediaeval to Modern…we tackle it all and have been known to sing in up to five different languages in one concert!

The Cairn Chorus Band

We’re lucky to have some talented amateur and professional musicians in the choir who often add to the variety of our performances. Wendy Stewart, who regularly provides harp accompaniment to the singing, is joined by fiddle, concertina, guitar, double bass, whistle and recorder.


Songs of Separation, 2016

Our sell out concert with Songs of Separation as part of the Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival 2016 was an absolute treat for audience and performers alike.  The choir had a fantastic day putting the concert together with the Songs of Separation girls and their hard work well and truely paid off as the collaborative pieces came together beautifully.

Watch out for details of our new collaboration with the orchestra of the Scottish Ensemble commissioned by Moniaive Festival Village and Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival in June 2017.

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