Cairn Valley Song Cycle

The Creative Place Award provided funding to support several projects in Moniaive, including Kate Howard’s dream of a Cairn Valley Song Cycle.

This venture commissioned new material to illustrate what our landscape means to the community, what community means to us and how changes in a rural community affect us. The chosen composers also had to reflect on migrations of communities through time, especially the present Syrian Refugee crisis, as well as remembering the 18th and 19th centuries when people were cleared from large swathes of Scotland.

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Words and Music: Lucy Harper
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Honey and Salt

Words: Norman McCaig
Music: Kate Thomas
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Red Rock of Home

Words and Music: Helen Chadwick
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What I Love

Words: Alice Oswald
Music: Hugh Nankivell
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Lament for William Smith

Music: Stuart McPherson
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Hill and Sky

Words: Roddy McFairley and Neil Thompson
Music: Melanie Thorne
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Words and Music: Penny Stone
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Words: Kimaya Diggs
Music: Megan Henderson
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Tottie and Mr Plantagenet

Words and Music: Ali Burns (inspired by Rumer Godden)
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Ae Spark O’ Nature’s Fire

Music: Wendy Stewart
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May the Road

Words: Carmina Gaedelica, Trad, Wendy Stewart
Gaelic Translation: Angus Mcmillan
Music: Wendy Stewart
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Cairn Chorus

Words: Peter Roberts inspired by Derek Mahon
Music: Kate Howard
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Yal Asmar Ellon

Traditional Syrian song arr. by Edward Torikian
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