In Freenship’s Name

With turmoil and uncertainty across the world  Cairn Chorus aims to bring songs that  celebrate this year’s  positive anniversaries and  the power of music to unite people through harmony. Loads of great songs celebrating lots of positive anniversaries this year. Songs from Bosnia, South Africa and Serbia. Songs in Scots and Gaelic too. A CD of recordings for all parts are available to help learn the songs. Concerts include the Big Lit Festival in April and 3 venues through May and June as part of the D&G Arts Festival Fringe events…..see our Calendar for full details. >>>>click here to book tickets online

 Proposed repertoire:
Bread and RosesA nod to the Suffragettes who got the vote for women over 30, a 100 years ago this month. 
Everyone SangSiegfried Sassoon, to celebrate the anniversary of the end of WW! this year.
Everything PossibleFred Small ( weepy alert!)
A wee Gaelic mooth music medleyTongue Twister alert
Oh God of Earth and AltarGK Chesterton, as used by Iron Maiden but we’ll probably not do their version! Although on the other hand ….
Here is my homeSi Khan
In Freenship’s name Willie Scott – Border Shepherd
I’m Gonna walk it with youa really uptempo gospel written by Ellie Grace after a certain president got into power.. No naming but a smudge of  implication! 
Lay me lowShaker hymn with new words by John Tams (second weepy alert)
Mene MajkaBosnian 9/8 highlife song
MemorandaKorean peace prayer to bring both sides of Korea together 
Motho a welaUpbeat South African song with DANCING!
Nana was a Suffragette – as it says on the tin. I love this quote by  Dr James Burnett who in 1895 campaigned against women having the vote and wrote that ‘girls always fell behind intellectually at school because of their “disordered pelvic life.” Nuff said!! 
OpsaSerbian dance song with band and yes more dancing!!!
Poor Mans LamentationSongs of Separation song  ( new arrangement)
PokoarereNew Zealand Love song
UnitedShort song arrangement by Su Harris using text from the late Jo Cox
U MakhotiUpbeat South African wedding song, also a dance!!